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Friday, December 06, 2013

Human behaviour and our psyche

We talk about peace...We hail peace...But why hasn't peace manifested in its entirety in the world or between ourselves? Rather than human beings being tolerant, I think, living with "mutual respect" between societies or countries has a far deeper meaning.

Diversity is beautiful and must be celebrated. There should be unity in diversity. But what use is variety when it is misunderstood, misinterpreted and misused many a time? Anthropology has been one of my fields of interest, although one thing that irks me most is talking about negative discrimination between human beings, any sort of discrimination. And yet, i'm here, writing about human behaviour. Nonetheless, i would definitely like to put forth my views on this subject. Now that we are a planet of 7 billion, I think there should be more emphasis in this field of study so that we turn out to be a species bubbling with peace and mutual respect and not otherwise. That said, what does it take to develop those invisible rings of kinship amongst us? Will imposing strict laws be a solution? I don't think so. I don't think so because there's no permanence in it. Left wild, the footloose may revert back to the "devil-may-care" attitude. Although, i think, imposing behavioural code of conduct may be a good temporary solution to tame minds that are prone to constantly gnawing into someone else life. But to bring in permanence, there should be another way out. What is one of the root causes that could trigger unrest? Discrimination? I think so. How do we find a permanent solution to tackle discrimination? We will not find peace outside ourselves as long as we are not at peace within ourselves. Finding peace within ourselves is accessible to every individual irrespective of our backgrounds. What is the key to finding peace within ourselves? Meditation? I think so. ;). Meditation acts in its subtlest form to promote collective consciousness. Such is its beauty and one amongst its many benefits.

So our world of 7 billion will never see peace in its entirety as long as people cling on to negative discriminations..Since diversity is so beautiful, we got to learn to live with mutual respect. Harmony would be ubiquitous, if we appreciate each other as unique beings (which we are, since no two people in our world of 7 billion are exactly alike) and let's make meditation our means finding peace within and outside ourselves.

[This is an unedited manuscript and will be continued ]


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