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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The day of reckoning

I'm back :) ! (if you care,that is )

A rough sketch of the past year brings to my mind slogging,sleepless nights and more slogging; Nonetheless, i enjoyed every single minute of it all!...For the moment 'tumultuous' is the word - it's time for a lot of change. After more than 3 years of my rollercoaster ride, i find myself in yet 'nother journey- a journey that could guide me through the thick and thin ,or a journey that would swamp my mind,yet again,with thoughts of awaiting doomsday...

Food :
No more hawker food and canteens! My love for home made moma's food has now risen a zillion fold... Can't wait to binge on that idli,sambar, dosas ...Mmmmm....don't get me started on the list.

The love and hate of Darkness:
Completely dislike stepping out of home past 7 at night. On the contrary, find myself the most energetic at work past 7. That evens out the love and hate thingie. That's the dark phoenix nonetheless :)


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