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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sepang 2006

Almost half a year down and memoirs afresh!! Had caught the MotoGP at the Sepang circuit last September and believe me,it sure was an experience of a lifetime. The day started off with qualifying sessions and were followed with races of the 125cc ,250cc and 990s. We were seated bang opposite the yamaha pit and that got us to see much more than just the race. I can still recollect not taking my eyes off the yamaha camp. Despite being a yamaha critic,i got to admit the team camaraderie at yamaha was beyond excellence.

We snacked all way through,scoffing up calories as we watched the vrooming monsters take up the gauntlet. Spain topped the sheets for the 125s and 250s with the young spaniards Alvaro Bautista and Lorenso grabbing first places at the podium. Then came the most awaited moment. It was just a few minutes for the 990cc's to kick off and for the crowd to witness motorcycling at it's very best!! We waited with bated breath as we watched the racers take positions on the grid. 'Nother 30mins would show who's up for the grabs and who's closer to the championship. Every lap from then on left the crowd in a limbo,as we watched the speedsters battle there way through,edging for that extra speed lap after lap. Rossi and capirossi exchanged leads till the nth moment and finally, the doctor hit the jackpot.

It was much more than just the race. Danny pedrosa suffered deep cuts with 16 stiches on his right knee,during the practise session the previous day. But nothing stopped this lad from performing his best.He even managed to grap the 3rd place at the podium!! Ghosh!!It takes a lot to be like that.This bloke,at 20, sure had many to inspire. Also got to watch the best men at speed work under pressure,tackle challenge,their unmasked determination,phew!!..One lesson straight down - stay focussed. Finally- the team camaraderie at yamaha. Their air of enthusiasm and spirit was way above the rest. It was all there,it was all seen.

The Entrance..

Teams Yamaha and Ducati..Ducati to the right...

Yamaha and Ducati again...

The 125cc's on the track...


The podium!!


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