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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pedrosa's Acid test- When the going gets tough,the tough get going!!

Although this season left spectators on tender hooks race after race,MotoGP 2006 did turn out to be the most exciting of all the Grandsprix- with Pedrosa facing his bitter acid test,Hayden having his toughest time ever,Rossi riding on a wave and Milandri and Capirosi not at their best.

Pedrosa driving hayden off the track,left many in a quandary and was a juicy meatball for those newsmongers who took every opportunity to corner the poor rookie.It does have many shades,angles,views to look at,but i for one wouldn't maculate one's career by slander..yeah,it's nothing but slander!!..Pedrosa has borne enough of it all- some call him a bonehead,some others say he lacked prudence and professionalism,some say he was wreckless and irresponsible,yet
others say he should be fired by repsol honda. C'mon people!! It's all in the game.Let's put this straight - has pedrosa ever been blamed earlier for sabotage? There have been ample such incidents in the past,then why such hue and cry over this one?Just 'cause they happen to be teammates or just 'cause the kentucky kid was closer to winning the championship? In the first place i would blame HRC for hiring two equally competant people as teammates.Take the case of any wining champion,when competitiveness is ingrained in a person,how do you expect one to second 'another person? For that matter,if Rossi were to be in Pedrosa's place,do you really think he would play second to Hayden? Besides, I believe, Hayden and Pedrosa are matured enough to handle the situation. If anyone's to blame it's probably the misleading press and peoples perception!

There is no point adding grist to the mill and leaving them at cahoots with each other.It's time Hayden forgave Pedrosa and look at the possibility of "the scene" really being an accident. I for one, am a supporter of both - Pedrosa for his insatiable potential,the only one who can hold a candle to Rossi and Hayden purely for his style ;) and yeah,we gotta accept he's been the most consistent and deserved his place in the champ.Well,at the end of it all, nature did have it's say in favouring the man in style. So let's gear up next year and get ready to see more of Pedrosa at the podium ;)

Link: Hayden - Pedrosa crash


Blogger Sarita Shekhar said...

Bring on 2007! Bring on the 800's!

10:17 PM, February 08, 2007  

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