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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Uptill now...

Thinking (read dreaming :)) 'bout all stuff i'd like to do in life, there's so much to do and so little time...Wonder what it takes to make time stay or actually give time a break... Stephen Hawking says, all u need to do is travel faster than the speed of light and that way you never age :)...

Talking 'bout how constructive i make my day for myself, my daily workout is one thing i never miss...The rest of the day,I either find myself in a hyperactive state,wanting to do everything in the world at the same time, or hedonistically indulging myself in solitude- withdrawing into a kingdom of my own..reading...working...Man! I'm sure gonna miss this break...Even been spanked these days at home for being a wayward labrador...Gotto get those mood swings under control...

The other side...

With Zillions reading the the Road less travelled and actually wanting to be there, i now feel the road less travelled has gotten more crowded than ever...Like Phoebe puts it,seems like a tussle between who's who of human crap...Well,i'm no one to decide that...I choose to be a spectator in this horse and cart race and watch the end; if there's ever an end, that is!


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