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Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Bye Pecking Order

'Tumultuous' is the word in the land of adulation,fame and fantasy. It`s a month down now and the F1 hasn`t got more exciting.

Had gotten into an argument with an ardent F1 fan, on KERS being productive or destructive. In my perspective a couple of facts that bolster its presence in the sport- one being its use in present day on-road cars. The level of technical sophistication has made the Formula1 car so closer to being 'aeroplane-like' that it leaves us with almost no option than to enjoy the sport as just a sport with no actual benefit to man-kind! And *Bam*! now comes KERS, and people call it a nuisance?

Well, I would be lying if I disagree on a couple of facts involved in its development. Some episodes, that made me speechless and stop 'Hu-ha'ing `bout KERS were that of the encounter of technicians in BMW, Red Bull and Toro Rosso. During the testing of the equipment, a couple of Engineers were electricuted and some serioulsly injured. That was heart-breaking. Also, the enormous power developed during conversion from kinetic energy to electric energy could be highly unsafe, `specially for Formula one cars that break at speeds of more than 350 kmph.

But hey, c`mon it's definitely an engineering marvel :).

The biggest bummer this season is watching chubby pigeons- Ferrari and Mclaren competing mid-field. In Hamilton's defence - " The team hasn`t given him a championship winning car" (Whoa! Now do we need to comment on team camaraderie?)
Kudos to the champs so far. Ross Brawn has indeed proved to be the best aerodynamic engineer walking this planet.

Am not particularly a fan of Button, but i`m way to glad for Barrichello :). As for Button, couple of months back he was left stranded hoping to get a drive,after Honda officially gave up on recession grounds ;and look he`s at the lead today with a whooping 40 point lead over Massa. Whoopsee!!

It was last in 1992 that Ferrari put up such a poor show; and they now ask for more funds to build up their championship winning car ,while every other team is doing with the limited funding. Thanks to the FIA, Ferrari was kept at bay.

Ross Brawn played right hand to Schumacher and made what Ferrari is today- he was the best then. Funding,no funding, he still remains head and shoulders above the rest today. Way to go BrawnGP! :)


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