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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Titbits and more....

After a thumping majority of our present CM at Delhi, had come across an article as to how and why did it happen. Developed infrastructure, new roads, flyovers, plush city busses - was the answer and also, polluting industries have been pluto`d out to the outskirts.

Sounds good and feels good. Feels good when we see our cities progress. But then again, what 'bout the Sowmya Vishwanathan's episode. Wasn't she returning back from work when the dreadful incident took place? It's sad nothing seems to have been done insofar. Will that remain one of those gruesome, unseen, under-the-carpet episodes like that of Nitesh Katara ,Priyadarshini Matoo....? And to add,I can still recollect the cold response of the CM ,as to youngsters being "adventurous". How bitter can that get.

Many a time, it takes me long getting back from work. Let alone present competitive world, and insomniac days, i work 'cause i love my work; and there are people who call it being "adventurous" ?!?!

The other side:

There seems like lot of passionate, citizen movement brewing in lately. Came across this traffic-centered group "Lets Pool In -" , like the name suggests it's focus is to ease chaos on city roads. Have a peek at as well.

Time flies and even before you realize it's the end of the day...And yup, I`m not done with my bucket list as yet ;).


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