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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Susan Cain on - Introversion, Introspection, Contemplation and "getting inside our heads" a little more often

I came across Susan Cain's work on introverts a year ago and I was glad to see someone break the silence on this important issue. Being inclined to introversion myself, i understand why introverts consider solitude "the air that they breathe".  I love public speaking and gave my first public speech at the age of 6 and have participated and won in various debates and elocutions since then. Introversion and extroversion are not in absolute. We fall at different points in the introversion/extroversion spectrum.

Of course, like all dualities, we need both extroverts and introverts as a part of society - like the ying and yang...and needless to say, I absolutely adore all my extroverted friends. Modernization has brought in globalization and has given the world "external" pleasures, so to speak. But in a world swamped by excessive modernization, I think, it's also necessary for one to reflect and realize that true happiness can only be derived by introspection and contemplation.

People inclined to introversion are also naturally meditative and hence are always in a state of harmony both within themselves and outside.

Here's a thought provoking talk by Susan Cain on introspection, contemplation and getting "inside our heads" a little bit more often. The talk has been voted  "The Best TED talk" for the year 2012.


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