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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Eternal Essence of Spirituality

It's my belief that the purpose of any sentient being born on this earth is to be a seeker and find the purpose of his/her existence. Being inclined to spirituality and dharmic ideologies, I look up to ALL venerable people of the yesteryear as Masters beyond time, who came to guide humanity, raise our consciousnesses and help us transcend.

Ancient history has always piqued my curiosity since I was little. From the illustrated Amar Chitra Katha to the writings of K.M Munshi and Ashok Banker, the authors were adept in bringing to life the rich characters and ingenious portrayal of the times bygone while still maintaining the original storyline at its core. Having being brought up in an atmosphere that embraces reading and learning, the books that I read, instilled in me qualities of passion, independence and above all, respect. When I read the recently released Shiva Trilogy series, I was not only disappointed but disturbed and upset by the abysmal portrayal of the leading protagonists in the book, whom we know since time immemorial for their astounding wisdom. To put forth my views on the book, I not only find the content of the series achronological, historically inaccurate and un-scientific but more often than not crosses insanity. Any piece of writing, fact or fiction becomes a part of recorded history and has the power to influence masses. Besides, those familiar with ancient history would instantly jibe with the inaccuracies present in the content. Shiva, the Adi Yogi - who taught the world yogic and spiritual sciences, may not exist physically today, but the consciousness of Shiva does EXIST. To belittle deities known for their profound abilities and WISDOM is simply morally and ethically incorrect.

Being just another human being, but having read the other well known writings of the history and origins of deities mentioned in the book, I felt humbled to make known the inaccuracies present in the content. Of course, there are various sources to know genuine ancient history. I strongly believe that social, economic, political reforms are bound to change with time, but any change should be for the good of society, keeping history of individuals and societies intact and hijacking the identity of a society or any individual known for their profound wisdom is simply incorrect.

Of course, the series does convey messages of oneness, tolerance and gender equality - but that by itself is one of the many facets of spirituality that has already been dictated since days of yore, isn't it?

As Beings of Light, let the light shine and continue to illuminate our intellect. Love and Peace.


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